Divine Intimacy
Sexual Empowerment


Find Your Voice

This is a conscious and embodied communication skill practice.

This workshop is designed for people who find it difficult:

  1.  To ask for what they want  
  2.  To say NO or “I changed my mind” 
  3.  To set boundaries (verbal and physical)  
  4.  To express deep emotions, desires, needs.

These communication skills are so important and needed in so many aspects of our lives, intimacy, work, friendship, family, etc.

How often do we unconsciously give our power away?  

How often do we find ourselves in a place of self-denial and powerless?

I will teach you some skills that will help you to find your voice deep inside into your body and we will co-create a fun and safe space that will allow you to express it in many different situations.

This is a fun and powerful practice.

What to bring: 

  1. Your water bottle  
  2.  Your own seat (pillow or back jack or comfy blanket) 

PS:This is a SCENT FREE event, so please, NO TABACCO SCENT, PARFUM, FRAGRANCE, etc.!!!

Wednesday Sex Talk

This is an invitation to an open discussion about intimacy and sexuality. This is an opportunity to share, learn and find support. We will begin by creating a safe container that will allow us to talk about any topic related to intimacy and sexuality. Confidentiality and non-judgemental behavior will be mandatory.

There is no need to actively participate, if talking about sex or intimacy is very challenging for you, I encourage your presence and invite you to listen.

I believe that co-creating this sacred space together is very important and needed. Let’s open our minds and our hearts, let’s welcome curiosity and compassion to support and learn from each other.

All genders, sexual orientations and relationship configurations are welcome.

PS:  This is a SCENT FREE event, so please, NO TOBACOO SCENT, PARFUM, FRAGRANCE, etc !!!

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

7 - 9pm


845 Fisgard St, Forum , Victoria BC

Doors open at 6;30pm, registration is complete at 7pm.

Please be on time as the doors will be locked when we will start the talk, to ensure the sacredness of the space.

Sacred Embodiment Ceremony

Based on my studies, practices and experiences, I’m offering a spiritual journey that integrates body, mind and soul. It’s a path of deep awareness. A path that weaves together body and spirit, masculine and feminine. It is a spiritual practice that leads you to the Divine, to pure Love. 

If you want to feel more alive and more present in your body, if you want to experience energy connection and explore heart felt connections with self and others through embodied practices, in a safe nurturing environment. 

I want to invite you to an event that will nurture your body, heart and spirit. 

During this workshop we pair up with partners and practice different exercises. The structure makes this event a safe container for all. I will lead you through various exercise that will give you the keys to deepening connections within yourself and with others. I will teach you, how to connect with your Kundalini or Life/Sexual energy to strengthen its power and yet keep it playful, How to deeply open your heart. Together we will AWAKEN and ACTIVATE all of your senses; smell, sight, touch, breath. This will be also a beautiful opportunity to learn how to communicate in a positive manner during intimacy and in life. 

This is a NON-Sexual event, so it’s perfect for everyone. You may feel especially called to join me if you struggle with intimacy or are feeling a desire to add more spirituality to your life and your intimacy. Beginner, intermediate or Advance, no matter where you are in your practice, I will have something you can benefit from.  

Exercises may include: 

  1.  heart connecting 
  2.  guided meditation  
  3.  eye/soul gazing  
  4.  partnered movement exercises  
  5. a shared dance of "energy" 
  6.  loving nurturing touch  

And other fun & creative forms of physically, emotionally & spiritually deepening connection with the divine in another.  

HONOR, RESPECT, SAFETY are priorities.  


What to wear:  

- Wear something that reflects your femininity /masculinity, comfy for movement, very soft to touch or open to skin touch.  NO JEANS!! 

PS:  This is a SCENT FREE event, so please, NO TOBACOO SCENT, PARFUM, FRAGRANCE, etc !!!

What to bring: 

  1.  Your own nest: Duvet or very thick/cozy blanket + 1 pillow (you are going to be sitting on it with a partner and it is where you are going to do the exercises, so you want your nest to be comfy.) 
  2. Your water bottle, a snack or feel free to bring something to share as potluck. 

You do not need a partner to come to this event.  Couples of all orientations are welcome.

Saturday, February 18th, 2017


Draw Heart Studio, #324-1175, Cook Street, Victoria BC 

Couple: 60$, Single 40$ or bring a friend and get the couple rate.                                                       No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

In order to ensure gender balance, Pre-Registration is required. Pm me and Pre-pay by E-transfer at: [email protected] or pay at the door. 

Doors open at 6:30pm, Class start at 7pm.  

please, be on time as the doors will be locked when we will start the workshop, to ensure the sacredness of the space.


I was impressed at how easy it was to talk to Mañu. Never judging, listening calmly, he made me feel comfortable and I could totally be myself with him.

His insight has always been such a great eye-opener and I sometimes wonder how he does it. Not that he will tell you what you want to hear, on the contrary. 

He will tell you exactly what he thinks of the situation without ever making you feel bad for it and instead he’ll make you understand why this is happening to you.

He has the power and the exceptional guidance to draw you to think deeply within yourself and find the answers to your questions inside you.


Mañu’s bodywork is amazing and awesome, and is not easy to describe. It is extremely sensual in the sense of heightening all your senses.

During the massage I felt that all of my senses reached a much higher level of awareness. The lightest touch became super intense. Mañu works with love and extreme presence.

Manu’s massages have little to do with working on muscles and tissue, nor with orgasm, when he does genital massage.

After the massage I was aware of the fact that my food had more flavor, my juice tasted better, I was more focused on our conversation, and there was no end to my energy. His massage had gotten me completely into the present as well.

His massages awaken your senses and intensify your awareness within your own body up to a level that I would call “pure sensational pleasure!

Leontien Reedijk

A session like that could make a person feel very vulnerable, but your caring and sensitive approach made me feel entirely supported and held up. At no time did I feel embarrassed or that I needed to pull back or hide what I was experiencing.

You took the time to help us understand what the session would be about, how the breathing and muscle exercises would play a role, and then you led us expertly through the various steps.

I can honestly say, that the result was not only a sort of spiritual experience for me, but that I felt, as the culmination of that spiritual journey, the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced.

We would have no reservations in recommending you to anyone else and we plan to contact you the next time we are in the Banff area.

Ed & Brian

Mañu let me be free, as a human, as a female, and let me embrace how much potential a human being has! I know it is not a coincidence that I met a man I'm sure I will spend rest of my life with, right after I spent some time with Mañu.


Kind and loving, not here to judge you, but rather listen and understand you, Mañu helped me to make more sense of my life. He's the teacher I value the most, as his "lessons" will always stay with me. 

Fears, one at the time, start to fade and I thank him for that as there is no shame in discovering our full potential on every level.



Sexological Bodywork $200 per 2 hour session
Somatic Sex Education $200 per 2 hour session
Sacred Intimacy Coaching $200 per 2 hour session

Individuals, couples and groups of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome. 200$/2H session, 300$/2H for couple, Pleasure Quest Package 875$ for 5 sessions, Special offer: Friday’s Name Your Price.

What would bring you the greatest freedom and joy?

I know that sometimes the cost of therapeutic services is a challenge. I invite you to think about what you want most in your life right now. What would bring you the greatest freedom and joy?

Is it getting a new smartphone, going out for a nice dinner, taking a trip with friends? These are all fun things, and have a place in our life. But right now, would an investment in your personal growth bring you deeper, longer lasting happiness? If you’re ready to make YOU your first priority, then we’re ready to work together!

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In this initial meeting we’ll discuss your intentions and I’ll also give you some recommendations to work with straight away.

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