Divine Intimacy
Sexual Empowerment

Somatic Sex Education

What if you’ve only experienced the tip of your sexuality iceberg?

This session allows you to discover your whole orgasmic anatomy map and all its secret sweet spots. Somatic Sex Education can help you come to life sexually and experience an erotic wholeness that brings profound bliss, giving you intimate knowledge and reverence for your own sexual being.

It can also help relight the flames of passion as you embrace your orgasmic potential, perhaps saving a relationship or taking it to new depths. 

This session is a first step towards achieving and mastering:

  • Orgasm 
  • G-Spot orgasm
  • Multiple orgasms
  • Male prostate orgasm
  • Female ejaculation
  • Male ejaculation control

Do you want to discover what’s hiding under the water?

  • Embrace femininity / masculinity
  • Improve your ability to have loving relationships
  • Improve intimate communication
  • Experience your own divine intimacy


Mañu let me be free, as a human, as a female, and let me embrace how much potential a human being has! I know it is not a coincidence that I met a man I'm sure I will spend rest of my life with, right after I spent some time with Mañu.



Sexological Bodywork $200 per 2 hour session
Somatic Sex Education $200 per 2 hour session
Sacred Intimacy Coaching $200 per 2 hour session

Individuals, couples and groups of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome. 200$/2H session, 300$/2H for couple, Pleasure Quest Package 875$ for 5 sessions, Special offer: Friday’s Name Your Price.

What would bring you the greatest freedom and joy?

I know that sometimes the cost of therapeutic services is a challenge. I invite you to think about what you want most in your life right now. What would bring you the greatest freedom and joy?

Is it getting a new smartphone, going out for a nice dinner, taking a trip with friends? These are all fun things, and have a place in our life. But right now, would an investment in your personal growth bring you deeper, longer lasting happiness? If you’re ready to make YOU your first priority, then we’re ready to work together!

Free 45 Minute Consultation

Please explore my website a little to see if it resonates, then call or email me and we’ll schedule a time for a free 45 minute, in-person consultation (also available by Skype).

In this initial meeting we’ll discuss your intentions and I’ll also give you some recommendations to work with straight away.

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