Divine Intimacy
Sexual Empowerment

Mañu Courtois

Mañu Courtois

MAÑU is a holistic practitioner originally from France. He is certified as a Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker and has training in TANTRA counselling. His extensive education in the field of sexual health and wellness began in 2012, through attending workshops, retreats, distance education with practical training experience. Mañu’s natural gifts for touch, energy work, presence and deep connection with nature allow him to offer a unique approach to this profession. His work is offered to groups, individuals, and couples of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Mañu runs the Victoria Conscious Sexuality Community and offers the following workshops:

- “Wednesday Sex Talk” (open forum discussion)

- Empowering communication skills (consent and boundaries)

- Chakra opening and Kundalini awakening

- Outdoor mindful meditation

- Enhancing intimate connection through Tantra

Since I was a teenager I have always been interested in sexuality and have helped many of my friends to deal with their issues around their own sexuality. 

From what they have told me, I have a unique and special approach to it, like a natural gift. 

I’m passionate about helping people in their quest for deeply mindful sensuality and sexuality. Witnessing my client’s transformation and growth feeds my soul. It is very rewarding emotionally and spiritually.